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Welcome to the Corfe Mullen Parish Council website



I am delighted to announce that a community Post Office will be opening at the Village Hall from Monday 2nd December.

It will operate 9 am to 11 am Mondays and Wednesdays, initially for a 6 month trial period.

The Parish Council has been working very hard to secure a new Post Office since the closure of the Badbury View Road one and we are very pleased to be able to accommodate this facility for the community.

Please spread the word!

Katrina Blee

Parish Clerk

Site was last updated on 03/12/2019 


Welcome to the Corfe Mullen Parish Council website. We hope you will find the website a valuable resource to find out more about what is happening within the Parish Council.   

We also have a facebook group ' Corfe Mullen Parish Council'  for you to keep up to date.  This is open to any member of the public to join, subject to Facebook rules and standards. We also ask those wanting to join three short questions so we can understand who is interested in Parish Council business and why so then we know what might be useful for us to post.



At its meeting on 27th August 2019, the Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency and set up a Climate Change Sub-Committee to look at actions the Parish Council can take to address this.  Check out our meetings page for updates. 








Village SignCorfe Mullen is a large village in the county of Dorset, situated on the north-western urban fringe of the Poole-Bournemouth conurbation. Although set on the edge of an urban area, Corfe Mullen is surrounded by the Green Belt and forms part of the rural district of East Dorset.

The name Corfe Mullen is from the Old English corf "a cutting or pass", and the Old French molin "a Mill" which refers to the old water mill on the River Stour, where the original village stood.

Although large, Corfe Mullen retains its village identity with six churches, three pubs, four schools, various shops and local businesses, a village hall, and a whole host of community and sports organisations which help to preserve the community spirit and sense of belonging.

The Parish Council has secured excellent recreational facilities for the enjoyment of residents: 44 acres at Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground, plus over 11 acres at Springdale Road Open Space in the southern part of the village.



Walk 1 The Parish Walk (10 miles)

Walk 2 The East End Walk (3 3/4 miles)

Walk 3 The Heritage Walk (4 1/2 miles)

Walk 4 The Heath and Valley Walk (5 1/2 miles)

History Notes 


View from Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground  Corfe Mullen Recreation Ground


*From Dorset County Council

Population: 10,178 (2013 mid year estimate)

Area: 1,226 hectares

Electorate: 8026 (at 02.05.19)

Number of residential properties: 4290